My first course with Maggie was "Create Animated Lower Thirds". I like Maggie's project-based course structure because we jump straight into the projects. As a beginner, I am glad I started with that course, then moved on to this one. This course is slightly harder than that one, but I completed all the projects successfully by following closely, step by step, and I got all the effects as per the tutorials without any errors. Although I could not open the last three project files (as I am not using Adobe CC 2018), I still managed to create the animations that looked exactly like the ones in the tutorial. Thank you very much for a great course!

Andrew Walker

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Maggie Osama is Obsessed with learning & acquiring knowledge, a person who always believes that applied knowledge is power. She loves sharing knowledge with others wherever she goes. OVER 37,000 successful students have already taken her online courses since October 2016 with many 5 Star Reviews . She loves making complex topics easy to understand and helping people change their lives for the better.

Her specialties are: Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Visual Marketing and Whiteboard Animation.

Recently, She has started helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who don't have any design/ motion graphics or animation skills yet they wish to quickly learn some design/motion graphics/ whiteboard animation tools to create professional looking graphic posts or motion graphics or whiteboard videos or web pages to promote their brand instead of paying tons of money to hire someone to do the work for them and this by teaching them some awesome tools like Videoscribe, Adobe Spark and OFFEO.


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